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Supervisory Board

Tomasz Biełanowicz - Chairman of the Board.

He is in the Board from 9 July 2007.

The Director of Debentures Sale Department ABN AMRO BANK POLSKA S.A. Earlier he was inter alia the associate director of CFC Securities Branch. He graduated Economic Academy in Katowice.


Jarosław Pachowski

He is in the Board from 13 February 2009.

Private investor. In years 1986 – 1996 founder a few companies. In 1996 in behalf of the 16 banks he created and managed Polish Financial Exchange. During that time, in 1997 he went into Management Board of TVP S.A. and after one year he became its chairman.

In years 1998 – 2002 vice-president Management Board of TVP SA. In years 2002 – 2005 the president of Management Board of Polkomtel SA – PLUS mobile operator.

He graduated courses leading to a master's degree on the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, for 3 years he was working as doctoral student at PAN Institut of Physics.


Mariusz Pawlak

He is in the Board from 24 June 2010.

The member of the Management Board of APATOR S.A. and HAWE S.A., vice-president of the Management Board of INFINITY CAPITAL, the partner of MMT Management PE&IR. In the past inter alia vice-president of the Management Board of Presspulica and the adviser of the PKN ORLEN S.A. He was studying on the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw.


Andrzej Chmiel

Co-founder and director of Direct Capital Group's marketing. Earlier, for more than 12 years he was bound with Pepsi, to March 2008 worked as member of the Management Board and he was responsible for implementation of marketing plans of Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Poland. Earlier he acted as a Central Europe Group Pepsi Americas manager in Budapest. He was responsible for introducing new Pepsi products on the Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak market. In years 90. he was brand manager in PepsiCo Trading Poland.

He has degree in economics, he graduated the Faculty of Management and Informatics at Economic Academy in Wroclaw. During studies he was complementing education and working experience in USA.

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