PMPG Polskie Media general information

PMPG Polskie Media S.A. is a holding company operating on the market of traditional and new media.

Today The Capital Group PMPG consists of: Publishing and Advertising Agency WPROST, publisher of the most opinion-forming polish weekly- weekly WPROST and the company Orle Pióro, publisher „Tygodnik Do Reczy” of Paweł Lisicki and magazine „Historia Do Rzeczy”.

The strategy of company is to develop in new media.

The company started in 1998 with 20 000 PLN initial capital, as start-up, publishing the student magazine. Since 2006 it is listed on the stock exchange. In 2005 PMPG bought MACHINA magazine from Barrings investment fund. In 2007 from Hachette Filipacchi  group – monthly FILM. At the and of 2009 PMPG bought 80 percent shares in AWR WPROST. There was take a place in those days relaunch of weekly WPROST and it saw done a distinction inter alia in themed edition „Media & Marketing Polska” - „Wydawcy 2011”. In 2011 PMPG got licence, which let its publish polish edition of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. PMPG had been publishing „Bloomberg Businessweek Polska” since September 2011 until October 2012. In January 2013 put conservative weekly „Do Rzeczy” on the market.



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